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Penetrometer is a device for making standard penetration test. The frustum shape of a split-spoon is the edge of penetrometer. This tube has 35.5 mm inner diameter, 50.8 mm outer diameter, 6.81 kg total weight and 81.3 cm height. Relationship between frequency of granular soil and consistency of cohesive soil is determined for proceeding the sampler’s essential number of strokes during the sample receiver is inserted in the soil.

During the drilling that reaches a certain depth, the drilling rig is pulled outside and the sample receiver is put down. The tube is hammered 45.7 cm with a tamper, that is dropped from a height of 76.2 cm, weight of 63.5 kg into the soil and the required number of strokes for every 15.2 cm penetration into the soil are recorded. Standard penetration resistance (N30) is contained from required total blow count for entering the second and third 15.2 cm parts.

When making practical inquiries about sequence of sandy ground by the help of SPT, it is possible to a take sample. The other advantages of the test is; determining the soil profile continuously and fast, the results do not depend on the operator who is testing, it is suitable for the soft clays and the silty soil that taking sample is very difficult. 

Training (26 January 2013)
For the employee training, organized a seminar about "Write and Puplish a Scientific Paper" on 26 January 2013.
Training (19 January 2013)
For the employee training, organized a seminar about "How to use Plaxis and Plaxis examples" on 19 January 2013.
Bauer BG 24 H bored pile machine is added to our machinery park.
Bauer BG 24 H bored pile machine is added to our machinery park (2011).
2 Soilmec PSM-8G boring machines are added to our machinery park.
Soilmec PSM-8G boring machines have the feature of crawlers, automatic SPT and drilling from every angle.
Marmaray Project
We are working at Yenikapı and Üsküdar sites of Marmaray Project.
We have joined to the International Geosynthetics Society, IGS.
Our company which is active at Geosynthetics area, joined to the International Geosynthetics Society, IGS.
Casagrande B200 XP drilling rig is added to our machinery park.
Custom transactions of the Italian Casagrande B200 XP drilling rig is completed and commenced working.
2000ton capacity Pile Load Test
2000ton capacity pile load test was completed in success.
Seimic Test with CPT
We have initiated seismic measurements with CPT. We have added shear and pressure wave velocity measurement capability to continious data collection feature of CPT.
T. C. Karayollari
OHL Tuzla Infantry School Bridge
Φ 120 piles
Ceylan İnsaat
Bolu Project
Φ 80 jet grout
T. C. Karayolları
Erzincan Erzurum Highway
Manufacturing Φ120 piles for cut-and-cover tunnel in Mutu Bridge Erzincan Erzurum Highway
University Project
Yalova Cınarcık Highway
manufacturing Φ100 pile for University entry crossing in Yalova Cınarcık Highway
Canakkale-Bandırma Road Landslide Improving
Canakkale-Bandırma Road Landslide Improving
Φ 120 cm bored pile
Begum Yapi Bursa
Toki Housing Development Adminstration Of Turkey School Construction in Yalova
Φ 80 cm bored pile
Salini-Kolin-GCF Partnership
Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed Train Kocaeli
Soil improvement with Φ 80 cm jetgrout 1 according to TCK and relevant conditious of contract in Gebze-Kosekoy part
Subase Piles
Marmaray Project Injection
Marmaray Project Uskudar-Yenikapi-Ayrilikcesme stations injection
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